The Blumenbüro Österreich/die Österreichische Blumenwerbung (the Austrian Flower Office/Flower Promotion Organisation) is a voluntary, non-profit community of flower producers, professional gardeners, flower wholesale traders, garden designers, tree nursery owners, cemetery gardeners and florists. It bundles the advertising funds of the entire green sector in Austria, which comprises some 4,500 companies.

The Blumenbüro Österreich was established as an association in 1957 and the Österreichische Blumenwerbung, which is responsible for managing flower and plant promotion projects that are co-funded by the EU, was set up in 1998.

The Blumenbüro Österreich/die Österreichische Blumenwerbung make use of the whole range of promotion and advertising channels, from print, online and social media to TV reports  and advertising with public and private broadcasting companies. Member companies are also regularly provided with POS materials.

For many years now, public relations work has focused on the topic of sustainability, which is a priority of both internal and consumer-oriented communication activities.

Since 1998, the Blumenbüro Österreich/die Österreichische Blumenwerbung has been entrusted with implementing and/or evaluating flowers and plants oriented advertising projects that receive co-funding from the EU. The organisation represents all green sector companies across Austria and thus has a 100% coverage ratio. In this context, the topic of sustainability in European flower and plant production plays a major role – particularly with a view to both safeguarding business locations and jobs in the European region in the long term and with respect to guaranteeing product security for consumers.